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Ideas and Suggestions

Page history last edited by Roshnii 10 years, 6 months ago

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Ideas for activities over Spring/Summer:


  • Meet up in the park - could be in a different park each time or in the same spot
  • Activity focus: picnic in the park, crafts in the park (eg. knitting, crochet, needlework are very portable), swap-a-recipe meeting, more talks
  • Soft play centres
  • Swimming pool
  • Beach (problem - no shade)
  • Library
  • Paddling pools (Hove Lagoon, West Pier Playground, the Level)
  • Sea Life Centre
  • Walk in the woods 


Comments (3)

Sophie said

at 8:31 pm on Apr 11, 2010

After checking out the Bodhisattva Centre on Lansdown Road (very near to St. Ann's Well Gardens) and falling in love with the outdoor space and garden, might I suggest that we look into meeting there some time? see here: http://www.meditateinbrighton.com/building.htm

E. said

at 2:28 pm on Apr 12, 2010

My friend Claire also speaks very fondly of the gardens (I think she also used to go to a parent&child meditation class there when her boy was a toddler). According to the website their cafe is open 2-5pm term times only (though not sure if we should target this time or avoid it!).

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